We The People

We The People Cover Art

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The second of my summer releases, We The People, is a flat out protest song. We are the ones that put people in power….so, we have the power to remove them as well. We simply have to Stand Up … and do it. We The People, We have the Power!

© 2017 Dave Filchak / Zuka Music

I need time to understand this
The world I see is not the same
The rules have changed, they’re so unclear now
We’ve lost our way but who is to blame?
In troubled times the righteous scream
You are you and we are not the same

As all the others

You and I we hold the power

Yeah, we the people

We live in times of encroaching darkness
Truth and lies are all the same
Power is and power does
Control our world ’cause we just don’t care
But understand we are the reason
We are the ones who put the power in the world

But we can take it away

You and I we hold the power

Yeah, we the people

Stand up, stand up, stand up
What you want from me
This world is yours and mine

It’s up to us to hold the line

Stand up
We are the people
Stand up
We are the power

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