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Dave Filchak

I am a singer/songwriter, and was a performer/touring musician for many years. I am focusing on writing and producing music now, mostly my own, but also for and with other singers, songwriters and performers. I also do custom mixing and mastering as a for fee service, should anyone be interested. See my site for those services here.

I invite inquiries regarding other established artists covering any of my material so if you are interested, please contact me here through the site.

Also, please join my mailing list so I can keep you informed of new releases or things that I am up to. It is tough breaking through the chatter of todays musical world. So, if you like my music, please let me know. Please follow me on Spotify and my music is available for purchase through this site or on iTunes and Google Play as well as Amazon and all the usual channels.




  1. By jove, I believe I’ve got it!!!

  2. It is my pleasure to donate to your account to help you continue on your musical path, a path I always believed you should have always been on.
    Now, please stop coming over and drinking all my upper shelf booze!!!!
    Love ya man.

  3. Jeremy Etherington

    Hey Dave,
    I’m playing again. We jammed a couple of weeks ago on “Whatcha Gonna Do Now” and we want to do it. I need to download the song and would be happy to pay. I just don’t know how to do it. What do you think? Jer

  4. Mr. Filchak where could I get a copy or listen to END OF THE LINE by your old band Moses?

  5. Michelle Hamilton

    Thrilled to find you again.

    • Hey Michelle,
      Great to hear from you again. I think of you often and wonder “Where In The World Is She Now”! You are obviously at some educational institution … where in the world?

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