Singles, The Album

Singles Album front cover




This is the full album of the Singles series plus an new bonus song, “Treat Her Right”, the old Roy Head song reimagined. This is my past years work and I do hope you will like it. It is far from perfect but has been a chance to reacquaint myself with the process of creating music … which I had abandoned for a decade or so while I was involved in teaching. I learned a lot (because a lot has changed) but most of all, I, for the most part, really enjoyed myself.

I will continue to write and try to release an album every year if I can. I want to write more with other songwriters, get back into producing and mixing projects for other artists and just generally, continue to grow artistically.

Please follow and stream me on Spotify, or wherever else you stream music from because I am most like there. Every little bit helps me to continue producing music for myself and for you.

Now to start on my next year.

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