More Than Anything

Cover - More Than Anything

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The Nineth in the Singles Series. This is an older song of mine that the band Moses did back in the seventies. I have re-imagined it and added different instrumentation than the original. It is a song about being unable to let go of your love for someone, even though they have hurt you. Not a great place to be.


© 2017 Dave Filchak / Zuka Music

I’ve got nothing to say about you baby
‘Cause you treated me so unkind
You told me once that you loved me baby
I’m telling  you girl I must have been blind

Well I don’t want your kissing
And I don’t need your smiling girl
I only need your lovin’ baby
‘Cause I got you on my mind

Well I knew soon that we might fall apart
And I knew girl that it would, break my heart
Each time I see you with another man
I’d get so down I thought I won’t come ’round

But I just can’t stop loving
The girl who changed my dreams
Oh girl you know I still want you
More than anything at all

The time we had
The moments we shared
Our love grew strong
Or so I thought
You broke my heart
And then you ran
Into the arms
Of another man

Well I will always love you
My heart will always have part of you
Oh girl you know I still want you
More than anything at all

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