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Well, here is is. The Twelfth release in the Singles series. You are getting this even before the rest of the world gets it. This will be the last in this group of songs. It has been quite a learning experience for me doing this series. I had to learn more about social media marketing than I ever thought I cared to know. Turns out I was wrong. A very useful skill to have learned.

I also, through this process, really rediscovered my love for the process of writing, recording and producing music for the world … or at least for whoever will listen. I am grateful for the support I have received.

So, this last song is not political nor is it a socially conscious song. It was never intended to be and I did a good job of keeping it that way. Too much politics in our lives as it is. Nope, it is a song about lust and being overwhelmed by it. We’ve all been there …. right?


© 2018 Dave Filchak / Zuka Music

Your love moves at the speed of light
Leaves me in a state of fight or flight
And when I hold you in my arms
You burn so hot light the fire alarms

I try to cool you off, slow you down
We’ve got time to make the world go ’round
Let’s just sit awhile
And give my heart a chance

To understand your love

When I met her I saw something there
Couldn’t place it but I knew, I swear
She was putting out some serious air
So much so it was just not fair

When we touched it was electrical
Shock my heart, push and pull
Well I needed to come up for air and try
To understand your love

I knew that it just wasn’t right
The love we had wouldn’t last the night
But it was too hard to turn you down
Oh I had no control, lost my mind, lost my soul
You took everything you could
Left me blind

Never understood the how and why, I did not try
Never really could understand your love

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