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Over And Over Cover

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This is a song about what I think are “Real” relationships. The kind where, as a couple, you claw and fight for every inch of ground you get. It is a song about conflict and how we we find ways, over and over, to move past these conflicts in our relationships.

Now, if the world could only figure out how to do this, we’d all be better off.

Hope you like it!


© 2017 Dave Filchak / Zuka Music

The way you treat me girl
It really is a shame
Not out in front
Twist the blame
I try to understand
Why you feel this way
Me or you
It takes two they say

You hurt me, I hurt you back
Our hearts nearly died
Love hurts, Love grinds
But still we try

Over and over
Over and over

They say love is hard
It makes you cry
Oh love is a drug
It can make you high
And I think about us
About the things we are
Grit and grime
It’s who we are

You push me, I push you back
Why don’t we fall?
‘Cause you hold me, I hold you too
And still we try

Over and over
Over and over

It is times like this
When I see you there
And I hold you close
It’s not hard to find
A reason to believe
And I do it for you

Over and over

As the years have passed
I’ve thought hard about it
Like oil and water
Like skin and grit
There’s times when we
Don’t see the same things
But in our hearts
We’re sure of one thing

You love me, I love you too
Of that we are sure
It’s something, inside me
And so I will say
I love you, I need you
You keep me sane
Inside me. I know I
Will give my love

Over and over
Over and over

People say, that love blind
That real love is so hard to find
Love is hard, love is tough
When you get it right you never get enough
Gotta give it all if you want it back
Keep your eyes wide open don’t you fade to black
In your heart you know it’s true
She’s earned your love now give it back

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