Never Want to Fall

Never Want To Fall Cover

Well, for this one I go back to my Southern Alberta roots I think, albeit a somewhat modified style for the country stuff I have played in the past. This is an older song that I re-mastered because … well … my buddy Dan told me to do it and what Dan says I almost always do! I always liked this song anyway and even though it was first recorded a while ago … it has a nice feel to it.

I can see a nice young country star in a cowboy hat singing this …. can’t you? Hope you like it.

© 2017 Dave Filchak / Zuka Music

I don’t wanna lose control
I don’t want my fear to show
I’m reachin’ out for something more

Oh I never want to fall

I want to rise up from the dust
And stand above it all
And I will do just what I must

But I never want to fall
Unless I’m fallin’
Into your arms

Oh but how was I to know that you were loving somebody else
It seems the last one to know is the one that it hurts the most

Sometimes the rain don’t fall on me
Sometimes the sun won’t shine for no one
But I know you keep me strong
Teach me right from wrong

Oh I never want to fall
Unless I’m fallin’ into your arms
Oh I never want to fall
Unless I’m fallin’ into your arms

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