Let’s just say he has a problem with labels — he doesn’t like them!

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Dave Filchak is a singer/songwriter from Lethbridge, Alberta, where he grew up listening to artists like Jimmie Rogers, The Kingston Trio, Bill Haley, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin, to name a few. He now calls Toronto home, and his musical tastes run as wide as the open prairies he hails from. Filchak has been writing songs since he can remember, and, in his opinion, has lived and played through all the great changes in modern music. He has many musical influences and he’s turned these influences into a style all his own, music only he can produce. No one sound defines him; he just writes whatever feels right to him.

When asked to describe his music, he’ll tell you, “I’ve always struggled with labels. When it comes to music, you either like it or you don’t. You either feel something or you don’t, it’s that simple! Labels are there to help people understand the music you write, but I don’t think I sound like anyone. I sound like me-Dave Filchak.”

His musical career began in high school and never stopped. He has been a touring musician, a studio owner, and an engineer, mixing and producing singles and albums for many Canadian artists. He has released several albums of his own: End of the Line when he was with the group Moses. two solo albums, Livin’ on Laughs and recently, Singles on Zuka Music. He also released an EP in with Sharp Edges titled Slice of Life on Aquarius/Capitol, and many single releases long before the current trend of single releases was in vogue. Currently, he’s working on material as well as remasters of some of his older material for release in the next year.

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