Livin’ On Laughs

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This album was recorded in Southern Sound Studio back in 1979. The studio was in southern Alberta, in the city of Lethbridge. The musicians on this album were all friends that I had played with, hung with, watched play over the years. Wonderful players all and all good people.

The musicians, in no particular order are (and I know I am missing some so if you are one of them I am missing, accept my apologies but please let me know):

Drums: Brad Valgardsen, Matt Lipinski, Robbie Berday, Tom Callahan
Bass: Jim Williams, Terry Hoople
Piano: Dan Dube, Russ Hauser
Organ: Russ Hauser, Earl McAuley
Sax: Vern Dorge
Tubular Bells: Dwayne Prosk
Guitars: Dave Filchak, Steve Cross
Vocals: Dave Filchak, ??
As I said, I know I am missing some people so please let me know.

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